[HOW TO] set up your Mini-Event thread

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[HOW TO] set up your Mini-Event thread Empty [HOW TO] set up your Mini-Event thread

Post by Maka on Sat May 04, 2013 1:09 am

Pretty simple on how to do it. Here is the layout on how it should be posted.
[YOUR NAME] (duration time of event) name of event.
Then in the thread describe your event and tell if there's going to be a prize at the end (that's up to you)
Here's an example using myself.

[Makaa] (May 1 ~ 20) Stalk your guildies!
Take screenshots of you stalking your guildies in any way, shape, or forum and post the screenshots here with a spoiler tab!
Whoever has the most screenshots by the end of the event is the winner!
Good luck!

Pretty simple isn't it? Just follow the rules as said and itll be easy to sort it all out!

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