May 17th Guild Meet

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May 17th Guild Meet Empty May 17th Guild Meet

Post by Aaeght on Fri May 17, 2013 10:40 pm

Guild Meetings have officially been moved to Wednesdays. Starting June 5th (which is incidentally our next meeting) we will meet the first and third Wednesday every month.

The guild Meido (really more so known as Razae and Aphy) and honorary members of our guild. They're basically one of us without the guildchat. They will be attending meetings and events, so be sure to get to know them, you'll definitely love them.

A new guild position has opened up. Control is looking for a treasurer to monitor what the guild alt has, work the raffle for the guild meetings, keep up are funds, and possibly be in charge of loans if we ever get to a position where we can do that for members.

Yuujin was also an important part of tonight's meeting and she wasn't even there. The first order of business is her event, people are interested. If you have questions (as some of you did) ask her in game or here. This event should be fun and good for both Tyrant and Control, even if you can't play come out and enjoy some wonderful music and conversation. The second order of business is it's almost Yuujin's birthday! \o/ She would like to the day before do some Martial Arts Tournaments to celebrate. Please join us on the 26th for this joyous occasion.

We are also working on a new project for the guild called the Tir Revival Project. We're hoping to breathe some life back into Tir with events and shops. Keep an eye on the Projects thread, it should be showing up soon!

May's event will be fully posted and up by tomorrow, May 18th. If you haven't signed up please still do so here. We will be playing on Tail's map within the castle walls.

Starting soon Ikozu will be hosting guild awards. More on that please visit here.

We're also trying to find a spot during AFK events and for those who do it anyway to AFK. Because the guild that AFKs together stays together. Please vote for the town, here, soon we'll also have a pool for which specific spot in that town.

A change has also been made to the guild's rules. Accounts that have not been signed into for 4 weeks with no warning will be deleted from the guild list. They can be readded if you wish, but the must reapply, granted 4 weeks again with no reason to warn Marvindy or Aaeght will again be deleted. The number of members (which are especially inactive) are becoming a discouragement to people about joining.

Finally this wasn't brought up in the meeting but it does apply to it. We only meet every two weeks to try to keep up what you guys want done and how we can change it and make the guild better for everyone. With that said focus and participation is appreciated. If you can't attend due to conflicts with something that's perfectly fine. The only real issue is if you can come please do, but only if you're not going to be a disruption.

May 17th Guild Meet 5171310
Left to right: Marvindy, Writer, Sydrin, ikozu, Mr3000, Aaeght, Toll, Jerry2112, Naturen, Dainne, Razae, Aphy, and Makaa.

This week's winners were Dainne winning a Blue Upgrade Stone, and Jerry2112 winning a March Event Trinity Staff.

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