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Post by marvinody on Sun May 12, 2013 11:31 pm

Been thinking of making this thread for a while but did not for a while.

The idea is to have a communal set of CP wear that can be shared when people need it!

What is CP?
CP, or Combat Power, is determined by your stats (HP, MP, Stam, Str, Dex, Int, Luck & Will) and your skills. It basically determines how strong monsters are, relative to you. I could go on to explain more but I would be copying the wiki and there's no real point in that. Just click here if you need to learn more about that


  1. Keep the equipment blessed at all times! This not only saves it from being dropped in case you die, but also slows durability loss so you don't have to risk breaking a point on repairs.
  2. Repair at the places indicated in this thread! We don't want to lose points on our equipment because Ferghus doesn't know how to make correct life choices. (If you don't have enough money for repairs, just message Marvindy)
  3. Maximum Time you can borrow the equips is 1 week! This lets the rest of the guild have a chance to use it.
  4. You must trade in some collateral in order to borrow it! Just so you don't run off. Either gold or items are acceptable in order to borrow.
  5. Must be an active member for more than 2 months

How do I know what my CP is?
That was easy

How do I know what monsters to train on?
(The text in game for requirements is a little different so "powerful" -> "strong" and "very powerful" -> "awful")

  • Marble armor [20/20] (-500 CP)

Repair Places
  • Marble Armor
    1. Edern of Bangor
    2. Argel of Belvast

Current List

Leave your name down below or send Marvindy a message in game if you would to be added to the list!

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